Guidelines (for Students) for Contacting me

I Should Supervise You (e.g., PhD Studies, MSc Projects, UG Projects)

Please contact me at least 4 weeks (MSc and UG projects: 2 weeks) before applying using the official system of the university. This allows us to discuss (and maybe adapt) project proposal. In your email (cover letter), please provide a short explanation why you want to be supervised by me, e.g.,

I also strongly recommend to have a look on my publications and projects, as well as the website of my team: The Software Assurance & Security Research Team. This should give you a good idea of the type of research I am intersted in.


I am happy to provide recommendation letters and/or serve as a reference for students who have taken advanced courses from me or worked with me (e.g., I supervised their PhD Thesis or their Msc or UG project). In order to write a thorough letter I need the following: