svninfo: LaTeX Support for Subversion

This package used to extract the revision and file information provided by the Subversion revision control system (

To maintain different versions of a document or to keep track on the development of one, the document is kept under a revison control system like SCCS, CVS, or Subversion. This package assumes you are using the Subversion system. To present the version information of a document, one needs to extract it from some kind of text inserted by the revision control system. Subversion offers therefore the Id keyword, which is expanded by the Subversion update command and contains a lot of useful information. This information is made available through this package. The information obtained from the expanded string are

For each of these items a macro is defined. When updating a file, the Subversion keywords should be contained in the updated source. Further, one has to set the Subversion property for keyword expansion of that file, e.g.

svn propset svn:keywords "Id" svninfo.dtx

Since version 0.6, there is a special support for multi-file documents giving the user access to the minimum and maximum revision number. Since version 0.7, svninfo also supports svk.

Download: svninfo-0.7.4.tar.gz (15 KiB, MD5: 25e6e8d54bdfa155130ae673a087aef5, 2010-03-23) ChangeLog